A walk through Tokyo (2)

Can you read the letters in this photo?

It is “湯島天満宮 (ゆしまてんまんぐう) 車祓所(くるまはらいしょ)”.

車祓所 mean “The place for performing a purification ceremony for cars”. Some Japanese shrines have such places; people who have cars come and ask a ceremony for travel safety. Is there similar custom in your country?

湯島天満宮 is a shinto shrine in Tokyo, which enshrines 菅原道真, a noble man famous for a supreme scholarship. That attracts a lot of students who want to pass exams. In the hope of passing, the students write emas. Ema is a small wooden board; people write their wishes on emas and hang them on a wall as below.

A lot of emas, on which people’s wishes were written.


This is another shrine, named 神田明神(かんだみょうじん).

Some anime lovers would know about it, because it was used in several animes, especially in “Love Live!”.

You might know about such characters?



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